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absorption sentence

The idea of personal victory is lost in the total absorption of sense and mind in the impending consequences. They believe it is responsible for the blocking the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine.

absorption sentence

The nub of the lecture was work on the very high-resolution spectroscopy of quasar absorption lines. It is necessary however to emphasize that the foregoing argument assumes that there is no appreciable absorption of light in interstellar space. The palisade layers of the mesophyll contain the larger number of chlorophyll grains while the absorption of carbon dioxide is carried on chiefly through the lower epidermis which is generally much richer in stomata. Thus it comes about that the cupola, because it is so economical, is used for all but the relatively few cases in which the strengthening of the iron by the removal of part of its carbon and the prevention of the absorption of sulphur are so important as to compensate for the greater cost of the air-furnace melt – ing. When this process has reached a certain stage and all the absorption necessary has occurred the new blood vessels, from the increasing pressure of the successive fibrous layers, gradually dwindle and become obliterated, i.e. Compounds formed with the evolution of heat are termed exothermic, while those formed with an absorption are termed endothermic. Explosives are the commonest examples of endothermic compounds.

Absorption may also take place from the skin, from the rectum, from the respiratory passages, or from wounds, and from direct injection into the subcutaneous tissue or into a blood vessel. Those in which the agent is recovered by means of absorption by a liquid; they are known as ” Absorption machines.” He found that as the observer moved to the north or south the axis of the light appeared to be displaced in the direction of the motion, which is the opposite of the effect due to parallax, but in the same sense as the effect of the greater atmospheric absorption of the light on the side nearest the horizon. The polarizing action of such crystals is due to the unequal absorption that they exert on polarized streams. This effect is the same however the drug be administered, as, even after subcutaneous injection, the arsenic is excreted into the stomach after absorption, and thus sets up gastritis in its passage through the mucous membrane. It is evident from the material at our disposal that the Shamash cults at Sippara and Larsa so overshadowed local sun-deities elsewhere as to lead to an absorption of the minor deities by the predominating one.

The report is right to remind us that the Copenhagen criteria include our own absorption capacity. This is also a matter of the famous absorption capacity of the European Union. These secondary phenomena include such processes as the digestion and absorption of absorption sentence food, circulation, respiration, excretion, bodily motion, etc. The act or process of absorbing or sucking in anything, or of being absorbed and made to disappear; as, the absorption of bodies in a whirlpool, the absorption of a smaller tribe into a larger.

On the other hand, the theory encounters a very serious difficulty in the fact that all molecules possess a great number of possibilities of internal motion, as is shown by the number of distinct lines in their spectra both of emission and of absorption. On this account it is very difficult to know when all the gas is driven out of a sample of sea-water, and a much larger proportion is present than the partial pressure of the gas in the atmosphere and its coefficient of absorption would indicate. After absorption, which is very rapid, alcohol exerts a marked action upon the blood. Numerous fibroblasts, together with polyblasts, are visible in the fibrin mass, and the vessels at the periphery of the damaged zone are now seen to be sending out offshoots which assist in the process of absorption. He also engaged in work on magnetism, the polarization of light, phosphorescence and the absorption of light in crystals. When there is no more absorption in the potash bulbs, the oxygen supply is cut off and air passed through.

Sound and light are essential parts of our world, and they are also important when studying science. Fourth graders can review vocabulary words that describe how sound and light travel and how we measure them. Keep reading for some 4th grade science vocabulary words and definitions for sound and light lessons, followed by a few online resources and a practice quiz. The absorption spectra of pure samples of some of these pigments are shown in the graph on the left.

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When the body needs iron because, for example, it is lost during acute or chronic bleeding, there is increased uptake of iron from the intestine and accelerated release of iron into the bloodstream. Since women experience significant iron loss during menstruation, they have around four times as many iron transport proteins in their intestinal epithelial cells as do men. The What is bookkeeping free fatty acids and monoacylglycerides that enter the epithelial cells are reincorporated into triglycerides. The triglycerides are mixed with phospholipids and cholesterol, and surrounded with a protein coat. This new complex, called a chylomicron, is a water-soluble lipoprotein. After being processed by the Golgi apparatus, chylomicrons are released from the cell.

Nursing points Increased absorption occurs when oral docusate sodium is taken alone and not within an hour of other drugs. It is found that the occurrence of absorption pulsations is increased during episodes of high solar wind speed. Classroom partition walls have perforated plasterboard with integrated absorption and high room to room sound reduction. However, dust absorption can reduce the Halpha intensity, particularly near or on the galactic plane. Others have argued that the relative permanence of such forms of body modification militates against their full absorption into the fashion system.

absorption sentence

Huntingdon examined by photographic methods the absorption spectra of a great number of organic compounds. Nor is the effect of these chromates confined to the blocking out simply of one end of the spectrum, as in the visible part, but two distinct absorption bands are seen, which seem unchanged in position if one of the above-mentioned chromates is replaced by another. The chromates of sodium, potassium and ammonium, as well as the bichromates of potassium and bookkeeping ammonium, were found to give the same absorption spectrum. Soret has confirmed, for the ultra-violet rays, Dr Gladstone’s conclusions with regard to the identity of the absorption spectra of different chromates. Gladstone, 2 at an early period of spectroscopy, examined the absorption spectra of the solution of salts, each constituent of which was coloured. The most typical case in this respect is the effect of a solvent on the absorption spectrum of a solution.

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Absorption of non-haem iron is affected by various factors in food. Some enzymatic hydrolysis of the drug may occur in the gastrointestinal tract prior to its absorption. This absorption would in part produce hot spots from near field radiation. Absorption of food, especially fatty foods cannot take place, producing bulky foul smelling, frequent stools. For example, if the photon energy exceeds the bulk absorption threshold, then bulk excitons and/or electron-hole pairs are produced. The absorption pattern for all three cytochromes changes markedly when these molecules are oxidized and reduced. They all act as local irritants in the alimentary canal, and after absorption are more or less depressing to the muscular and nervous systems.

The fatty acids include both short-chain and long-chain fatty acids. The taking up and storing of energy, such as radiation, light, or sound, without it being reflected or transmitted.

Most water-soluble vitamins also are absorbed by simple diffusion. An exception is vitamin B12, which is a very large molecule.

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Sumpner in 1891, an electrostatic voltmeter is employed to measure the fall of potential V 1 down any inductive circuit in which it is desired to measure the power absorption, and also the volt-drop V2 down an inductionless resistance R in series with it, and also the volt-drop V3 down the two together. Hence the light from the marginal and central portions of the disc is identical in quality, and the limb can be little, if at all, darkened by the” smoke-veil “absorption conspicuous in the sun. Many amalgams are formed by the direct contact of a metal with mercury, sometimes with absorption, sometimes with evolution, of heat. The process of dispersion is the inverse of that of absorption, and exhibits similar features. In case of conquest the conquered nationality takes to emigration on an extensive scale, as after the absorption of Alsace-Lorraine by Germany in 1871. Lucretius Carus (96-55) were entire seclusion from public life and absorption in the ideal pleasures of contemplation and artistic production.

  • In its simplest form an absorption machine consists of two iron vessels connected together by a bent pipe.
  • If you spill red wine on a carpet, absorb as much liquid as possible with a clean rag, then soak the stain in a mixture of vinegar and dish detergent before blotting with another clean rag.
  • However, there was no difference in the absorption rate of purines from the small intestine between the two species of animals.
  • Pancreatic lipase breaks down each triglyceride into two free fatty acids and a monoglyceride.
  • Today, fund absorption capacity is often used to justify restrictions on subsidies that are granted.

The 12-hour release would mean fewer prescriptions and fewer spikes in pain. In 2016, the Los Angeles Times investigated Purdue’s claims that the drug lasted 12 hours and found that the release time was actually as short as six hours in some patients. Their main functions are the homogenization of the chyme and the gradual delivery of nutrients for digestion and absorption in the small intestine. Large protein meals may reduce absorption due to competition from amino acids.

The effective heating of large atomic clusters has been attributed par tly to collisional absorption and par tly to resonance absorption. In the analyses of anomalous absorption, the plasma distribution function is assumed to be in equilibrium. Collisional absorption of the laser radiation in the underdense plasma is included. Characterization of a laser-produced plasma using the technique of point-projection absorption spectroscopy. According to the foregoing section, an effect is needed for absorption, which adds an irreversible element to the ideal collective cold fluid dynamics.

Sodium sulphate is said to helps in improving digestive absorption of vitamins and. Sodium sulfate is said to helps in improving digestive absorption of vitamins and. Vitamin D helps to improve the maximum absorption of calcium by our. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website.Read MoreCookieTypeDurationDescription_gaThis cookie is installed by Google Analytics. The cookie is used to calculate visitor, session, camapign data and keep track of site usage for the site’s analytics report.

Carbohydrate Absorption

Without micelles, lipids would sit on the surface of chyme and never come in contact with the absorptive surfaces of the epithelial cells. Micelles can easily squeeze between microvilli and get what are retained earnings very near the luminal cell surface. At this point, lipid substances exit the micelle and are absorbed via simple diffusion. All carbohydrates are absorbed in the form of monosaccharides.

And this is the conversion of one group of substances into another, either through the production or the absorption of energy. Indeed, bioresistance develops according to the absorption of active antibiotics to be used in food. For all these reasons I believe that we need conviction as well as the capacity for absorption. In studying absorption we understand the process until we come to what we have called the vital powers of the absorptive cells of the alimentary canal. The functions of the involuntary muscles are necessary the digestion of food, the absorption and circulation of the nutritive fluids. Tiles for use in outer walls should be hard-burned, free from cracks, straight, and should not show a greater absorption of water than 10 per cent.

Intrinsic factor secreted in the stomach binds to vitamin B12, preventing its digestion and creating a complex that binds to mucosal receptors in the terminal ileum, where it is taken up by endocytosis. In contrast to the water-soluble nutrients, lipid-soluble nutrients can diffuse through the plasma membrane. Once inside the cell, they are packaged for transport via the base of the cell and then enter the lacteals of the villi to be transported by lymphatic vessels to the systemic circulation via the thoracic duct. The absorption of most nutrients through the mucosa of the intestinal villi requires active transport fueled by ATP. The routes of absorption for each food category are summarized in Table 3.

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For example, intestinalabsorptionis the uptake of food from the digestive tract. Dermalabsorptioncan occur from occupational, environmental, or consumer skin exposure to chemicals, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. However, I should like to point out that the vast increase in payment appropriations is not a cure-all for RAL absorption. Another point is that my own country, Portugal, has the highest rate of absorption and use of Structural Funds. Mr President, the Liberal Group read with interest Mr Metten’s proposal for an initiative on the absorption of asymmetric shocks. The computer calculates the sectional images from the absorption of fine ex-ray radiation sent through the layer to be examined. Development at a rate higher than at present is certainly a prerequisite for the absorption of any significant proportion of unemployment.

This is clearly the same process in essence as that of the formation of a vitellogenous gland from part of the primitive ovary, or of the feeding of an ovarian egg by the absorption of neighbouring potential eggs; but here the period at which the sacrifice of one egg to another takes place is somewhat late. Up to very recently the original absorption and subsequent treatment of the carbon dioxide and the compounds of nitrogen has been called by the same term.

The three lipases responsible for lipid digestion are lingual lipase, gastric lipase, and pancreatic lipase. However, because the pancreas is the only consequential source of lipase, virtually all lipid digestion occurs in the small intestine. Pancreatic lipase breaks down each triglyceride into two free fatty acids and a monoglyceride.

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